Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

After lunch everyday, usually I go for walks with my friends at work. I look forward to these walks, since they give me the pleasure of spending my time chatting away with friends just about anything and everything and also this is the only exercise I get. I am one of those who picks up small rocks, twigs, leaves, pine cones anything that grabs my attention and I bring them home or diplay them in my office. It just makes me feel like I am amidst nature. On a windy day I found all these dried twigs that had fallen from the trees and I brought them home. I spray painted them with a can of brown paint and placed them in a vase. Well this season all around me is about Christmas and the holidays. To keep the spirit ongoing at home I wanted to do something with the daughter. She wanted me to get a tree, but I am not for cutting down trees just for the heck of it. I know these pine trees are grown every year so they can be cut, but still I wanted to do something festive with what we already had. I spent two dollars and got some ornaments and we decorated the twigs I had. I picked some more twigs today from my walk and added to my collection. So voila we now have a unique christmas tree of our own. A very happy new year to all of you. Hope 2009 is terror free !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of my favourite corners

I don't spend a lot of time at home at all. Most of the time on weekdays is spent at work, or driving the daughter around to all her activities, or meeting up with friends, or just hanging out with the daughter shopping or at the movies or just eating out. I am not complaining because this means I have very little time to breathe or worry about. Also this means that I don't get to really cook a lot which I dread, and no one can blame me you see I am soooo busy :) Mostly the Sundays are spent at home. I avoid going out on Sunday as I want to enjoy the home that I have created for us. I have one favourite spot in the bedroom where I sit and browse or read.

This rocking chair came into my life on one of the Saturdays I went biking with the daughter. There was an estate sale going on which is basically someone selling their stuff because they are moving out of the house. We went inside to take a look and this chair was sitting outside in their backyard with a price tag of $25. It was in a pretty bad shape and so the price ( usually they can sell from $150 ) I just knew I wanted it. So I paid for it and the owner was kind enough to drop it off at my apartment. I am sure he wanted to get rid of the junk :) The next day I went and purchased some spray paint that can be used on wood. I wanted it to look different and the shade of color like wood was not going to work. I settled for this pretty green. So an effort of two days of spraying the primer first, and then the paint, and letting it dry finally ended, and it was ready to come inside the house from my balcony. This chair now sits in my bedroom and is one of my favourite spots in the house !

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another candle, another year

Well sometime last month, actually on 21st I turned 36. I wanted to write about it right away, but 26th came and then I was in shock at the events that unfolded in Mumbai. I still feel the pain and I fear a lot more thinking of what the future holds for my child. Hubby, friends and family called and e-mailed and wished me. Husband sent me flowers to work and ordered a vedio camera online. Friends at work took me out for lunch. Daughter made my day extra special with a wonderful handmade card and surprise gifts ( earrings and necklace ). She made me take her to a store nearby the previous evening and asked me to let her shop inside while I waited for her outside. She asked me to buy a shirt and then hand it over to her. I bought a yellow shirt and then came out and waited by the door. She hung out and with the help of the salesperson shopped for me. Later next day she made a beautiful card almost a booklet with wonderful words, at the day care. Three of daughter's friends made me special cards and gifted me with a yearly planner. I was really touched and floored. We went to a Thai place for dinner and we met some friends who were already there. We joined them and we had a good time. I then got the surprise gift from the daughter. My freinds out and treated me for dinner. All in all though I was missing the husband, I had a great day. Will save this page of my life safely, for reminicising later :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shocked, and saddened.

Though miles away, I am on this roller coaster ride from Wednesday afternoon. I was just about to take my lunch break and before that I decided to read some blogs for 5 minutes. I came across this new tool called twitter and the first news bit I read there was shocking. I thought it must be a joke for a second, only slowly I saw the breaking news on CNN and other news sites, and indeed it was true, Mumbai was being attacked. I have been hooked to the net since then. I did not switch on the TV for news since I did not want my daughter to be terrified. I kept reading the news sites and watched live streaming on CNN-IBN all throughout. I kept praying and hoping that by Thursday morning it would all end but my prayers never made it :( The ordeal took so many long hours and so many innocent lives. I still can't sleep properly. I can still hear the firing, see the fire, blood everywhere, the images of people dead and people who survived, the images of the brave officers who laid their lives to protect us, and the image of the terrorist captured on film. It won't go away. I was fortunate to drift off to sleep when I could take it no more, but I can't imagine what the hostages went through until they were rescued. How did the terrorists stay awake for so many hours ? So many lives lost, their families will suffer forever now. Kids lost their moms and dads, parents lost their children possibly the only earning members, so much pain, don't know what to think of all this. My heart just bleeds. The riots that this might cause scares me. The hit to the economy, the time and money to rebuild this all, what a shame, what did those few people achieve ?

I salute all the brave men and women who fought to protect the rest of us !

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Leaf Fabric Art Project

This Sunday was a pleasant day outside, the weather warm for a November day but I was not complaining. The daughter and me went and watched "Madagascar Return to Africa" in the afternoon after a lazy late lunch. It was alright, nothing great to write about but was quite entertaining. Ofcourse the daughter enjoyed it. Once we got home, she did some math homework and then we were off to working on this project I had seen here :

It was fun to collect the leaves you want to use, and then apply the fabric colors on the back of the leaves, and then press them onto the fabric. The fun part is when you pull the leaf out and you see the magic of nature and colors on the fabric. Every time you do it, the outcome is unique. I had got these inexpensive linen kitchen towels from IKEA to use in some kids projects and they came in handy yesterday. Time well spent !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daughter's hand at poetry

The school sent out a flier home, asking kids to participate in a program called "Reflections". Kids could draw, paint, send in photographs taken by them, write articles, poems, based on a theme every year. This year the theme is "WOW". The fourth graders were given old copies of the National Geographic and were asked to find a picture that wowed them and then write a poem about it. The daughter loved a picture of an orange sunset in Africa, with some animals running in the background. She then went on to make a draft of her poem. Later she made a fair copy with her depiction of the sunset. Not sure if she will be selected to compete or if she will win anything, but in my eyes she is the winner already !


The light is so bright, memories of you stay,
Please don't go away !
I know you won't last for long,
But this is what I want to say,
You are such a sight to see
Won't you come home with me ?
Your blazing heat is so much to take,
I don't care you're just as sweet as a cake
Your warm sunny rays touch me,
Oh beautiful sunset come down to me.
With red,orange,yellow,you are a pretty sight to see,
So please come home with me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope reigns

Today I feel proud and happy for my daughter, the citizen of United States of America, one of the greatest democratic countries in the world. I am envious of her, I wish we would have such a leader for India. I am not a very political person, but this election in America was a big event and I got sucked into it a little. Watching the polls, the SNL digs at Sarah Palin, the great speeches by Barack Obama and now with him elected, I see how people have stepped forward for their country and made a choice. I feel ashamed that I have only voted twice in my country.

I had goose bumps all over me when I listened to the victory speech made by Obama. This line makes me warm and fuzzy and proud and all that........"If there is anyone out there who still .... questions the power of ... democracy, tonight is your answer ... It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled - Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of ... States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America."

I really hope and pray that this man brings about a positive change to USA and the other parts of the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After the Bok Fu class for the daughter, I was in no mood to go home and cook, so we stopped by this Subway place on Park St to get a sandwhich. I ordered a footlong veggie sandwhich. The lady/student making the sandwhich asked me if I did not eat meat. I said I did not, and she immediately went and washed the knives used to cut the sandwhich, and also wore fresh gloves before she started making the sandwhich. I was very thrilled to see someone do this. I thanked her profusely and did tell her that she was the first person who offered to wash the knives. It feels nice not to insist on them changing the gloves. I wish this kind of service will be provided in other places too. I have eaten so many times earlier when I know that my food has been in contact with meat and may not seem like a big deal. But this one time I felt quite touched by her gesture and I had to blog about this. So thankyou Subway lady!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

My daughter and me, actually make that my daughter, she blabbers away to glory when we hit the bed. I am sure she wants to stay awake as long as possible. But she is usaully telling me stories from her day and I don't stop her. I love to hear them. Very seriously she asked me ...... Amma, how old were you when you were 12 years old ?? I burst out laughing and said DUH....I was 12 deary ! I have been pulling her leg ever since :)

She then explained that she wanted to find out what grade I was in when I was 12. Anyway we had a good laugh and went to bed happy and peaceful. The best part of my day, has to be holding her and sleeping.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

An old poem...


Standing strongly in solitude,
Warmth and love, you exude.
Unshaken by the horrid seasons,
Deep-seated roots, your only weapons.
First thing that comes to my mind,
You are a provider, a protector to mankind.
Offering shade and shelter, fruits in your palm,
Playing with breezy fingers, you offer comfort and calm.
In return what have we to give you...
Except to hurl you down, with forces undue.
In minutes you crumble down to your knees,
Replacing you, we have built new cities.
To mature, must have been a century,
From seed to sapling, to plant to tree !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confused feelings

Somedays I am stronger than the others. Today, feel a little low, need to cheer myself up. I was talking to a friend today and she pointed out how life and the goals we set for ourselves are like the Mrig Trishna ( the mirage ). The goal keeps moving forward the closer we come to it, or when you actually reach the goal, it does not feel like an achievement. It is like an anti climax, you were expecting something but get something else. I am going to go out for dinner with some friends, hopefully this changes my mood.

This past weekend was good, did a lot of cleaning and some shopping (IKEA) . It was very relaxing to sit at their cafe, eat pasta and look out onto the bay. The Golden Gate bridge was so clear and the view was very calming. Watched the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" which my daughter enjoyed. Can't say the same for myself, though I liked the place (Mexico) where it was shot at.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5th DECEMBER excerpt

Mr S: connecting via cell
Mr S: sometimes the motorola s/w crashes
Mr S: anyway take care and have fun with the daughter
Mrs S : sure
Mr S: don't be depressed that I'm not there
Mrs S : things don't change because someone just says it
Mr S: I know that all I'm doing is for our own good
Mr S: you need to be strong
Mrs S : I try to but it is not easy
Mr S: all my effort is of no use if you both are depressed....
Mrs S : exactly what I feel....what is all this effort for if you can't spend time and be happy with ur family
Mrs S : and u are only looking at future
Mrs S : who knows about the future
Mr S: for sometime it will be difficult
Mrs S : when u cannot cherish the times you have now in the present
Mr S: I would have been overloaded in the previous job too
Mrs S : but atleast you come home once in a day
Mr S: I believe that we can do it
Mr S: cherish the times
Mrs S : u took upon yourself all that work when in the previous comany
Mr S: I don't think so
Mrs S : it is your workaholic habbit
Mr S: all the difficult stuff has been assigned to me
Mrs S : ok
Mrs S : u could have changed the job may be
Mr S: I don't want to argue, I'm very clear that I want to struggle for sometime so that I can cherish for the rest of our lives
Mr S: I know that my daughter will be proud if I succeed, and even in my failures, it is worth a try
Mrs S : Hope your cleverness brings you what you wish for
Mr S: for a good goal
Mr S: How clever of you to say that ...
Mr S: anyway, if only I have to do any job, I will be able to do anytime
Mrs S : I know I am very clever
Mr S: I personally believe that I have so far accomplished more than anyone could have done in the same time frame.
Mrs S : I believe in you
Mrs S : like I said mostly this is not about me not understanding
Mr S: It would be nice to use such abilities,
Mr S: for building a great foundation
Mr S: I believe that my daughter will undersatnd, may be you should explain her what I'm trying to do
Mr S: that too these challenges are only in the initial phase
Mrs S : you are so clever why don't you explain !
Mr S: I will
Mr S: send her an e-male :)
Mrs S : ok now u better sleep
Mrs S : it is almost 3 am for u
Mr S: luv u, bye
Mrs S : lov u 2
Mr S: Believe it or not, I miss u both
Mr S: bye
Mrs S : I do believe u
Mr S: luv u, bye

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Culinary experiments

During our visit to India, this summer, the daughter just loved eating Gobi manchurian in this small town where my parents live. It never fails to exite her when this conversation comes up about how ajja ( my dad ) took us out to this restraunt almost everyday, and how she had dosas, cutlets, idlis, gobi manchurian and all the yummy food. I got back from work a little early on thursday and I was up to doing something different to ward off my lonliness. So we got started, by first looking at some youtube vedios on how to make gobi manchurian. Then we got all the ingredients together and started out on the experiment. The daughter helped me cut and chop and stirr. She also did the most important task of taking pictures. I won't say it was the best tasting gobi manchurian but I got a thumbs up from the daughter and that is all that counts, isnt it ??



Special moments, they just last for a while,
They are small drops in time, making life worthwhile;
Someday when I am low, when I am sad...
And I wish to fly to a faraway land,
Come with me and live, my special moments,
All over again I want to bask in your brilliance;
Now take me back to the land of paradise,
And I'll make my fortune in a trice !!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend well spent

I have this problem now-a-days where I am always thinking that time is running out for us. May be it is because Mr S is so much out of station, that I feel like the daughter is missing out on all the memories that she should be creating. I love to be outdoors and seeing new places, enjoying nature and just being free. So I keep making these travel plans, which sometimes the family does not agree, but just to keep me happy they tag along. I love being out with them and really pray that they start feeling the same. We went to Big Sur on the west coast and I was thrilled to see the turquoise waters, the cool breeze, the white sand, the tall and ferocious waves, the McWay waterfall falling right into the ocean and the ride itself. Everything priceless !!

Sunday was spent lazily at home, had some friends visit us and we watched some movies ( Amir and Nim's Island ). Both movies were good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Artsy

I want to think that I am a little artsy and once in a while it is a good threapy to do something different, something colorful and something pretty. I try and involve my daughter in most of the projects. For this project, I was inspired by this :

I just used some magazines lying around in the house like "Pottery Barn", "Health" and "Time" and came up with this collage.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning a new leaf

.....We all do that many times in our lives. We change, we take actions to improve our lives constantly. Sunday has been good to me. It started out shaky, me yelling and screaming at my daughter, bossing her around and she refusing to finish her work ( both school and home ). But we made peace. We all went to the temple late in the afternoon, and I must say, it felt quite peaceful at the temple. On our way back, we stopped at the Miniature golf place and played a game. The weather was pleasant, the sun was setting, the sky was golden and being around with the family was the best !

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Born alone, die alone.

Orson Welles quotes.......“We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.”

How apt this sounds. Your loved ones and your friends certainly make your life worthwhile. I feel like I am blessed with loved ones, my precious little daughter and friends at times, but there are times I feel very lonely and unhappy. Happiness I know is something that we have to work towards achieving. I do try, but I am failing miserably.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ready, get set...GO

I have been lurking around on the www browsing for a long time now, looking for interesting blogs, some food blogs, some design blogs, some mommy blogs, some photo blogs and some just blogs. So I thought that it was time I give this blogging a shot too and here I am setting up my page and giving this a try. I hope I keep up with this blogging ! What better day to start, than when you have found out that you have been promoted at work :) Yippie !