Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Leaf Fabric Art Project

This Sunday was a pleasant day outside, the weather warm for a November day but I was not complaining. The daughter and me went and watched "Madagascar Return to Africa" in the afternoon after a lazy late lunch. It was alright, nothing great to write about but was quite entertaining. Ofcourse the daughter enjoyed it. Once we got home, she did some math homework and then we were off to working on this project I had seen here :

It was fun to collect the leaves you want to use, and then apply the fabric colors on the back of the leaves, and then press them onto the fabric. The fun part is when you pull the leaf out and you see the magic of nature and colors on the fabric. Every time you do it, the outcome is unique. I had got these inexpensive linen kitchen towels from IKEA to use in some kids projects and they came in handy yesterday. Time well spent !

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