Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shocked, and saddened.

Though miles away, I am on this roller coaster ride from Wednesday afternoon. I was just about to take my lunch break and before that I decided to read some blogs for 5 minutes. I came across this new tool called twitter and the first news bit I read there was shocking. I thought it must be a joke for a second, only slowly I saw the breaking news on CNN and other news sites, and indeed it was true, Mumbai was being attacked. I have been hooked to the net since then. I did not switch on the TV for news since I did not want my daughter to be terrified. I kept reading the news sites and watched live streaming on CNN-IBN all throughout. I kept praying and hoping that by Thursday morning it would all end but my prayers never made it :( The ordeal took so many long hours and so many innocent lives. I still can't sleep properly. I can still hear the firing, see the fire, blood everywhere, the images of people dead and people who survived, the images of the brave officers who laid their lives to protect us, and the image of the terrorist captured on film. It won't go away. I was fortunate to drift off to sleep when I could take it no more, but I can't imagine what the hostages went through until they were rescued. How did the terrorists stay awake for so many hours ? So many lives lost, their families will suffer forever now. Kids lost their moms and dads, parents lost their children possibly the only earning members, so much pain, don't know what to think of all this. My heart just bleeds. The riots that this might cause scares me. The hit to the economy, the time and money to rebuild this all, what a shame, what did those few people achieve ?

I salute all the brave men and women who fought to protect the rest of us !

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