Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daughter's hand at poetry

The school sent out a flier home, asking kids to participate in a program called "Reflections". Kids could draw, paint, send in photographs taken by them, write articles, poems, based on a theme every year. This year the theme is "WOW". The fourth graders were given old copies of the National Geographic and were asked to find a picture that wowed them and then write a poem about it. The daughter loved a picture of an orange sunset in Africa, with some animals running in the background. She then went on to make a draft of her poem. Later she made a fair copy with her depiction of the sunset. Not sure if she will be selected to compete or if she will win anything, but in my eyes she is the winner already !


The light is so bright, memories of you stay,
Please don't go away !
I know you won't last for long,
But this is what I want to say,
You are such a sight to see
Won't you come home with me ?
Your blazing heat is so much to take,
I don't care you're just as sweet as a cake
Your warm sunny rays touch me,
Oh beautiful sunset come down to me.
With red,orange,yellow,you are a pretty sight to see,
So please come home with me.

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