Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

My daughter and me, actually make that my daughter, she blabbers away to glory when we hit the bed. I am sure she wants to stay awake as long as possible. But she is usaully telling me stories from her day and I don't stop her. I love to hear them. Very seriously she asked me ...... Amma, how old were you when you were 12 years old ?? I burst out laughing and said DUH....I was 12 deary ! I have been pulling her leg ever since :)

She then explained that she wanted to find out what grade I was in when I was 12. Anyway we had a good laugh and went to bed happy and peaceful. The best part of my day, has to be holding her and sleeping.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

An old poem...


Standing strongly in solitude,
Warmth and love, you exude.
Unshaken by the horrid seasons,
Deep-seated roots, your only weapons.
First thing that comes to my mind,
You are a provider, a protector to mankind.
Offering shade and shelter, fruits in your palm,
Playing with breezy fingers, you offer comfort and calm.
In return what have we to give you...
Except to hurl you down, with forces undue.
In minutes you crumble down to your knees,
Replacing you, we have built new cities.
To mature, must have been a century,
From seed to sapling, to plant to tree !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confused feelings

Somedays I am stronger than the others. Today, feel a little low, need to cheer myself up. I was talking to a friend today and she pointed out how life and the goals we set for ourselves are like the Mrig Trishna ( the mirage ). The goal keeps moving forward the closer we come to it, or when you actually reach the goal, it does not feel like an achievement. It is like an anti climax, you were expecting something but get something else. I am going to go out for dinner with some friends, hopefully this changes my mood.

This past weekend was good, did a lot of cleaning and some shopping (IKEA) . It was very relaxing to sit at their cafe, eat pasta and look out onto the bay. The Golden Gate bridge was so clear and the view was very calming. Watched the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" which my daughter enjoyed. Can't say the same for myself, though I liked the place (Mexico) where it was shot at.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5th DECEMBER excerpt

Mr S: connecting via cell
Mr S: sometimes the motorola s/w crashes
Mr S: anyway take care and have fun with the daughter
Mrs S : sure
Mr S: don't be depressed that I'm not there
Mrs S : things don't change because someone just says it
Mr S: I know that all I'm doing is for our own good
Mr S: you need to be strong
Mrs S : I try to but it is not easy
Mr S: all my effort is of no use if you both are depressed....
Mrs S : exactly what I feel....what is all this effort for if you can't spend time and be happy with ur family
Mrs S : and u are only looking at future
Mrs S : who knows about the future
Mr S: for sometime it will be difficult
Mrs S : when u cannot cherish the times you have now in the present
Mr S: I would have been overloaded in the previous job too
Mrs S : but atleast you come home once in a day
Mr S: I believe that we can do it
Mr S: cherish the times
Mrs S : u took upon yourself all that work when in the previous comany
Mr S: I don't think so
Mrs S : it is your workaholic habbit
Mr S: all the difficult stuff has been assigned to me
Mrs S : ok
Mrs S : u could have changed the job may be
Mr S: I don't want to argue, I'm very clear that I want to struggle for sometime so that I can cherish for the rest of our lives
Mr S: I know that my daughter will be proud if I succeed, and even in my failures, it is worth a try
Mrs S : Hope your cleverness brings you what you wish for
Mr S: for a good goal
Mr S: How clever of you to say that ...
Mr S: anyway, if only I have to do any job, I will be able to do anytime
Mrs S : I know I am very clever
Mr S: I personally believe that I have so far accomplished more than anyone could have done in the same time frame.
Mrs S : I believe in you
Mrs S : like I said mostly this is not about me not understanding
Mr S: It would be nice to use such abilities,
Mr S: for building a great foundation
Mr S: I believe that my daughter will undersatnd, may be you should explain her what I'm trying to do
Mr S: that too these challenges are only in the initial phase
Mrs S : you are so clever why don't you explain !
Mr S: I will
Mr S: send her an e-male :)
Mrs S : ok now u better sleep
Mrs S : it is almost 3 am for u
Mr S: luv u, bye
Mrs S : lov u 2
Mr S: Believe it or not, I miss u both
Mr S: bye
Mrs S : I do believe u
Mr S: luv u, bye

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Culinary experiments

During our visit to India, this summer, the daughter just loved eating Gobi manchurian in this small town where my parents live. It never fails to exite her when this conversation comes up about how ajja ( my dad ) took us out to this restraunt almost everyday, and how she had dosas, cutlets, idlis, gobi manchurian and all the yummy food. I got back from work a little early on thursday and I was up to doing something different to ward off my lonliness. So we got started, by first looking at some youtube vedios on how to make gobi manchurian. Then we got all the ingredients together and started out on the experiment. The daughter helped me cut and chop and stirr. She also did the most important task of taking pictures. I won't say it was the best tasting gobi manchurian but I got a thumbs up from the daughter and that is all that counts, isnt it ??



Special moments, they just last for a while,
They are small drops in time, making life worthwhile;
Someday when I am low, when I am sad...
And I wish to fly to a faraway land,
Come with me and live, my special moments,
All over again I want to bask in your brilliance;
Now take me back to the land of paradise,
And I'll make my fortune in a trice !!