Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5th DECEMBER 2006....an excerpt

Mr S: connecting via cell
Mr S: sometimes the motorola s/w crashes
Mr S: anyway take care and have fun with the daughter
Mrs S : sure
Mr S: don't be depressed that I'm not there
Mrs S : things don't change because someone just says it
Mr S: I know that all I'm doing is for our own good
Mr S: you need to be strong
Mrs S : I try to but it is not easy
Mr S: all my effort is of no use if you both are depressed....
Mrs S : exactly what I feel....what is all this effort for if you can't spend time and be happy with ur family
Mrs S : and u are only looking at future
Mrs S : who knows about the future
Mr S: for sometime it will be difficult
Mrs S : when u cannot cherish the times you have now in the present
Mr S: I would have been overloaded in the previous job too
Mrs S : but atleast you come home once in a day
Mr S: I believe that we can do it
Mr S: cherish the times
Mrs S : u took upon yourself all that work when in the previous comany
Mr S: I don't think so
Mrs S : it is your workaholic habbit
Mr S: all the difficult stuff has been assigned to me
Mrs S : ok
Mrs S : u could have changed the job may be
Mr S: I don't want to argue, I'm very clear that I want to struggle for sometime so that I can cherish for the rest of our lives
Mr S: I know that my daughter will be proud if I succeed, and even in my failures, it is worth a try
Mrs S : Hope your cleverness brings you what you wish for
Mr S: for a good goal
Mr S: How clever of you to say that ...
Mr S: anyway, if only I have to do any job, I will be able to do anytime
Mrs S : I know I am very clever
Mr S: I personally believe that I have so far accomplished more than anyone could have done in the same time frame.
Mrs S : I believe in you
Mrs S : like I said mostly this is not about me not understanding
Mr S: It would be nice to use such abilities,
Mr S: for building a great foundation
Mr S: I believe that my daughter will undersatnd, may be you should explain her what I'm trying to do
Mr S: that too these challenges are only in the initial phase
Mrs S : you are so clever why don't you explain !
Mr S: I will
Mr S: send her an e-male :)
Mrs S : ok now u better sleep
Mrs S : it is almost 3 am for u
Mr S: luv u, bye
Mrs S : lov u 2
Mr S: Believe it or not, I miss u both
Mr S: bye
Mrs S : I do believe u
Mr S: luv u, bye

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