Thursday, October 2, 2008

Culinary experiments

During our visit to India, this summer, the daughter just loved eating Gobi manchurian in this small town where my parents live. It never fails to exite her when this conversation comes up about how ajja ( my dad ) took us out to this restraunt almost everyday, and how she had dosas, cutlets, idlis, gobi manchurian and all the yummy food. I got back from work a little early on thursday and I was up to doing something different to ward off my lonliness. So we got started, by first looking at some youtube vedios on how to make gobi manchurian. Then we got all the ingredients together and started out on the experiment. The daughter helped me cut and chop and stirr. She also did the most important task of taking pictures. I won't say it was the best tasting gobi manchurian but I got a thumbs up from the daughter and that is all that counts, isnt it ??

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