Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

After lunch everyday, usually I go for walks with my friends at work. I look forward to these walks, since they give me the pleasure of spending my time chatting away with friends just about anything and everything and also this is the only exercise I get. I am one of those who picks up small rocks, twigs, leaves, pine cones anything that grabs my attention and I bring them home or diplay them in my office. It just makes me feel like I am amidst nature. On a windy day I found all these dried twigs that had fallen from the trees and I brought them home. I spray painted them with a can of brown paint and placed them in a vase. Well this season all around me is about Christmas and the holidays. To keep the spirit ongoing at home I wanted to do something with the daughter. She wanted me to get a tree, but I am not for cutting down trees just for the heck of it. I know these pine trees are grown every year so they can be cut, but still I wanted to do something festive with what we already had. I spent two dollars and got some ornaments and we decorated the twigs I had. I picked some more twigs today from my walk and added to my collection. So voila we now have a unique christmas tree of our own. A very happy new year to all of you. Hope 2009 is terror free !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of my favourite corners

I don't spend a lot of time at home at all. Most of the time on weekdays is spent at work, or driving the daughter around to all her activities, or meeting up with friends, or just hanging out with the daughter shopping or at the movies or just eating out. I am not complaining because this means I have very little time to breathe or worry about. Also this means that I don't get to really cook a lot which I dread, and no one can blame me you see I am soooo busy :) Mostly the Sundays are spent at home. I avoid going out on Sunday as I want to enjoy the home that I have created for us. I have one favourite spot in the bedroom where I sit and browse or read.

This rocking chair came into my life on one of the Saturdays I went biking with the daughter. There was an estate sale going on which is basically someone selling their stuff because they are moving out of the house. We went inside to take a look and this chair was sitting outside in their backyard with a price tag of $25. It was in a pretty bad shape and so the price ( usually they can sell from $150 ) I just knew I wanted it. So I paid for it and the owner was kind enough to drop it off at my apartment. I am sure he wanted to get rid of the junk :) The next day I went and purchased some spray paint that can be used on wood. I wanted it to look different and the shade of color like wood was not going to work. I settled for this pretty green. So an effort of two days of spraying the primer first, and then the paint, and letting it dry finally ended, and it was ready to come inside the house from my balcony. This chair now sits in my bedroom and is one of my favourite spots in the house !

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another candle, another year

Well sometime last month, actually on 21st I turned 36. I wanted to write about it right away, but 26th came and then I was in shock at the events that unfolded in Mumbai. I still feel the pain and I fear a lot more thinking of what the future holds for my child. Hubby, friends and family called and e-mailed and wished me. Husband sent me flowers to work and ordered a vedio camera online. Friends at work took me out for lunch. Daughter made my day extra special with a wonderful handmade card and surprise gifts ( earrings and necklace ). She made me take her to a store nearby the previous evening and asked me to let her shop inside while I waited for her outside. She asked me to buy a shirt and then hand it over to her. I bought a yellow shirt and then came out and waited by the door. She hung out and with the help of the salesperson shopped for me. Later next day she made a beautiful card almost a booklet with wonderful words, at the day care. Three of daughter's friends made me special cards and gifted me with a yearly planner. I was really touched and floored. We went to a Thai place for dinner and we met some friends who were already there. We joined them and we had a good time. I then got the surprise gift from the daughter. My freinds out and treated me for dinner. All in all though I was missing the husband, I had a great day. Will save this page of my life safely, for reminicising later :)