Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of my favourite corners

I don't spend a lot of time at home at all. Most of the time on weekdays is spent at work, or driving the daughter around to all her activities, or meeting up with friends, or just hanging out with the daughter shopping or at the movies or just eating out. I am not complaining because this means I have very little time to breathe or worry about. Also this means that I don't get to really cook a lot which I dread, and no one can blame me you see I am soooo busy :) Mostly the Sundays are spent at home. I avoid going out on Sunday as I want to enjoy the home that I have created for us. I have one favourite spot in the bedroom where I sit and browse or read.

This rocking chair came into my life on one of the Saturdays I went biking with the daughter. There was an estate sale going on which is basically someone selling their stuff because they are moving out of the house. We went inside to take a look and this chair was sitting outside in their backyard with a price tag of $25. It was in a pretty bad shape and so the price ( usually they can sell from $150 ) I just knew I wanted it. So I paid for it and the owner was kind enough to drop it off at my apartment. I am sure he wanted to get rid of the junk :) The next day I went and purchased some spray paint that can be used on wood. I wanted it to look different and the shade of color like wood was not going to work. I settled for this pretty green. So an effort of two days of spraying the primer first, and then the paint, and letting it dry finally ended, and it was ready to come inside the house from my balcony. This chair now sits in my bedroom and is one of my favourite spots in the house !

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