Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another candle, another year

Well sometime last month, actually on 21st I turned 36. I wanted to write about it right away, but 26th came and then I was in shock at the events that unfolded in Mumbai. I still feel the pain and I fear a lot more thinking of what the future holds for my child. Hubby, friends and family called and e-mailed and wished me. Husband sent me flowers to work and ordered a vedio camera online. Friends at work took me out for lunch. Daughter made my day extra special with a wonderful handmade card and surprise gifts ( earrings and necklace ). She made me take her to a store nearby the previous evening and asked me to let her shop inside while I waited for her outside. She asked me to buy a shirt and then hand it over to her. I bought a yellow shirt and then came out and waited by the door. She hung out and with the help of the salesperson shopped for me. Later next day she made a beautiful card almost a booklet with wonderful words, at the day care. Three of daughter's friends made me special cards and gifted me with a yearly planner. I was really touched and floored. We went to a Thai place for dinner and we met some friends who were already there. We joined them and we had a good time. I then got the surprise gift from the daughter. My freinds out and treated me for dinner. All in all though I was missing the husband, I had a great day. Will save this page of my life safely, for reminicising later :)

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