Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost four weeks and counting..

It is with a heavy heart and a helpless mind I think of our dear friend who is still battling to come back to her daughter and all of us. April 17th and it will be four weeks she has not talked, or hugged her daughter. My heart goes out to her daughter more than anyone else. Sometimes I feel sad that all our prayers did not help, sometimes I feel hopeless and at other times I want that one miracle to happen NOW. Her upper brain has still not recovered from the damage caused because of lack of oxygen to the brain when the cardiac arrest happened. You always wonder what if.... she was a bit more cautious in her day to day life, what if ....the paramedics could have come a little sooner, what if ....another adult was home when this happened ??

We are all praying for you dear friend and will continue to do so until you wake up from that deep slumber !