Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend well spent

I have this problem now-a-days where I am always thinking that time is running out for us. May be it is because Mr S is so much out of station, that I feel like the daughter is missing out on all the memories that she should be creating. I love to be outdoors and seeing new places, enjoying nature and just being free. So I keep making these travel plans, which sometimes the family does not agree, but just to keep me happy they tag along. I love being out with them and really pray that they start feeling the same. We went to Big Sur on the west coast and I was thrilled to see the turquoise waters, the cool breeze, the white sand, the tall and ferocious waves, the McWay waterfall falling right into the ocean and the ride itself. Everything priceless !!

Sunday was spent lazily at home, had some friends visit us and we watched some movies ( Amir and Nim's Island ). Both movies were good.

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