Monday, September 28, 2009

My calming little balcony

The weather is slowly starting to get colder and I am realizing that it will start getting tougher to tend to my plants or to sit in the balcony. The plants also won't thrive as much. I am only hoping that all of the plants survive the winter. Summer is a good time for the plants in my balcony. Since we don't get direct sunlight I have to only get plants that grow in shaded areas. Over a period of time I have learn't my lessons and I only pick up plants like the ferns so they can live with less light. I capture the pictures every now and then and that just makes me feel good.

This is a quiet retreat for me when I am sad or happy. It does cheer me up when I see green around me. Every morning after I wake up I usually go to the balcony for fresh air and just to see what is blooming. Squirrels and humming birds are regular visitors and we stay indoor behind the glass doors and watch them. Too bad I don't have any pictures. Next time I plan to keep my camera handy so I can get a picture of the humming bird.

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