Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crafts with the daughter

A while ago while browsing the www ( which I do like a crazy woman who feels like the 24hrs are not enough in a day ) I came across this DIY project and I thought to myself that this is an easy one which I can do with my daughter.So off I went into my balcony with a pair of scissors and chopped off some fern leaves. We put them inside my old Tornado training manual ( finally good use of them me thinks :) and placed some heavy duty Java books on top and left it that way for a couple weeks.

I usually purchase stuff on sale even if I don't need them, and one of those purchases were some cheap frames from IKEA. Shreya and me got down to choosing the background paper but she seemed to like white the best for the dried leaves. Though fist I thought of persuading her to change her mind I decided to go with her gut and I think it turned out nicely. She helped me glue the leaves and frame the whole thing. She also suggested on how to hang it and now these two frames sit in the alleyway right when you enter the house. Though the lighting here is not the best I still love it whenever I look at it. This was a quick and fun way of spending time together. Though the original work I saw looks way more sophisticated, what we made has a special place in my heart.



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