Sunday, July 5, 2009

Artist in the making

My daughter, she is an artist ! I am sure all parents think of their offspring as the best. I compare myself to her, I mean I think of what I did when I was her age and I can tell that she is so much better. I could copy art and even today I can copy to a certain extent but I am not as creative and I usually don't come up with original pieces. I signed her up for art classes for about two years almost, but unfortunately because of the recession the art class was shut down. I am on the lookout for another appropriate and economic one.

The power and telecom company of my town holds an art competition every year and awards the winners on the earth day. This year Shreya participated and won the first prize in her age group. She received a gift card of $25 for the bookstore Borders. I am very very proud of her. She could hardly wait to use the gift card. The card was put to good use. She picked up some really good books and the experience was well worth it for all of us.

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